About MyKFCExperience Survey

KFC which is also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American based food chain company that sells various types of delicious chickens. KFC was founded and started by Colonel Sanders in 1952. At that time, KFC was one small company which was selling Fried Chickens and day by day, year after year. Getting a great success in this field, they started their restaurant chain all across the USA. Well, we all love eating chicken at KFC Restaurants No doubt KFC has mastered how to make the best chicken in the world. It is the second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s according to Wikipedia.

About MyKFCExperience Survey

Today there are 22,000+ KFC franchises all around the globe in more than 136 countries including USA, UK, India, China, etc. Why do people love eating chicken at KFC restaurants? There must be a specific reason why do they love it so much. There are many other restaurants like Mcdonalds, Wingstop, Bojangles, etc who also provide good quality of chicken to their customer but why only KFC?

The reason behind that is because KFC offers quality in their food which is totally healthy and hygienic for their customers. These fried chickens are formulated to taste good with lots of spices and herbs made specially by them to make the chicken extra crunchy and crispy.

KFC restaurants never ever compromise with the quality of their food and services and that makes them one of the best-fried chicken sellers all around the world. They care about their customers, they keep taking feedbacks regarding the quality, quantity and their services and more over the food prices are also cheap which is affordable by anyone.

As we all know that KFC is a big food chain company and it becomes really hard to manage and handle all the complaints and queries at a time and to overcome such problems, they have developed a web portal which is known as MyKFCExperience.

So basically if you ever face problems or issues with your food or the quality of the chicken they provided you was not up to mark or also if it is about the poor services, you can always file a complaint about that on MyKFCExperience.com. 

MyKFCExperience is KFC Customer Customer Feedback portal which helps them to improve the quality of their food and services.

Let’s say you have issues with the chicken that you just bought from KFC, the quality of the food was poor and the services were also running late, so all you need to do is, open MyKFCExperience.com from your web browser

Now here I assume that you have the bill receipt of your food. The survey code will be printed on that bill.

MyKFCExperience Survey Bill reciept

Enter the survey code on the website and with that enter the date and timing of your visit.

MyKFCExperience Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you are living in Spain then you can also complete the customer survey in your own language. All you just need to do is, click on Espanol option and it will start asking you questions in that Spanish.

Once you enter the code and timing, it will start asking you the questions about the food and services.

It will be MCQ based questions, you have to tick your answer and click on Next button to proceed.

In the end, they will ask you to write your issues in paragraph and there you have to mention about the problems you faced and on then click on Submit button to complete the survey.

As I said, KFC cares about its customers and they are surely going to take the actions immediately the moment you completed the survey. If you are not satisfied with the resolution that they will provide then they will give free coupon codes and discount offers on your next purchase as compensation.

So this was all about MyKFCExperience Customer Satisfaction Survey. You will have to wait at least for 24-48 hours for their call or email. And from personal experience, I assure you that they will provide you a good solution because they care about their regular and valuable customers.

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